The Quality of Afton Village Homes

Whether you’re looking for a single family, townhome, cottage, or loft, you will find a high level of quality in every Afton Village home. All of our custom builders add their individual style to each home, but there are unifying characteristics you will find throughout Afton Village.

  • Stringent architectural guidelines to protect the integrity and beauty of Afton Village for every homeowner.
  • Exteriors of brick, stone or fiber-cement siding.
  • Specific landscaping, windows, and fencing plans to maximize privacy for every homeowner.
  • All garages and driveways are de-emphasized in the design of the homes, using alley frontage to protect the visual quality of the streetscape.
  • Most homes have an 8′ deep porch to make the porch a usable area.
  • Porches are raised to a specific level above the sidewalks to achieve the proper balance between privacy and public interaction.
  • All homes are constructed by experienced, reputable custom builders chosen for their vision and professional integrity.
  • The houses designed and constructed are based on historical references common in the Southeast region of the United States.
  • Builders rely on the Architectural Review Board and official architectural references for design guidelines.
  • Homes are positioned on the lot to create a well-defined and attractive streetscape.

Our Custom Approved Builder Program

More than a century of experience is going into building Afton Village.  We’ve assembled a handful of the best local homebuilders, each of whom has a reputation for building high quality custom homes.  Each approved builder has brought his own flair to his product, but they have many things in common:  pride in workmanship, attention to detail, and a hands-on approach.   Unique as they are, when you see their homes, one thing is clear: they are all committed to building the highest level of customer satisfaction possible!

Mitchell Hartsell Construction
As past Cabarrus County Homebuilder of the Year, Mitchell specializes in all price ranges and various architectural styles.  Starting at a young age, he worked closely with his grandfather who was a builder and a carpenter.  More than thirty years later he still enjoys the business.  Over twenty years of experience as a general contractor, Mitchell feels customer satisfaction is the foundation of his success.  With talent and vision, he has made many customers happy through the years.

John F. Swinson General Contractors
Draw a picture of your dream home on a napkin, and John Swinson will build it for you. Creativity and vision describe John, who built more than 250 homes in his twenty-year custom building career.  An engineer by training, John is firmly committed to quality and takes a ‘hands on’ approach to custom building.  He was first attracted to Afton Village by the developer’s vision for the neighborhood, and through the opportunity it presents for small custom builders to create beautiful home designs with character and integrity.   John builds both single family and multi-family homes, and boasts accolades for ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Best Interior Design’ in three of Charlotte’s Home Builders Association ‘HomeArama’ spectaculars.

Touchstone Builders of Carolina – David Mayfield
Trained as an architect and urban designer David has an in-depth understanding of what makes a house unique and architecturally interesting.  As the developer of Afton Village, he has realized a dream of bringing the spirit of his childhood neighborhood, Charlotte’s traditional Myers Park, to Concord.  David has called upon his thirty years of experience to create many unique architectural elements within Afton Village.  A residential contractor since 1984, David plans to focus his craftsmanship on unique custom-built townhomes and cottage homes.

Corban Homes of NC – Tim & Wesley Furr
Brothers Tim and Wesley Furr truly make every effort to exceed customers’ expectations.  With over twenty years of experience in the building industry, both offer a wide range of knowledge, customer focus, and expertise.  They are committed to building high quality custom homes – focusing on attention to detail as witnessed in their craftsmanship.  Tim and Wesley understand what today’s buyers are looking for, have an indisputable commitment to their customer’s needs, and remain deeply passionate about building fine homes to last a lifetime.