Barbers at 54 Opens

Owner/barber Jason Lineberger and barber Brandon Sawyer invite you to come by and experience a real barbershop.  Fronting the Afton Village Plaza, look for the red and white stripe barber pole.

CLICK  HERE to go to Barbers at 54’s Facebook page

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Bare Bella Boutique Opens

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CLICK  HERE  for more information

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EMLEIGH’S and Mama B’s Grand Opening

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CLICK  HERE for more information.

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Afton Village Farmers Market

Afton Village Farmers Market Goudy Old Style - Arial Narrow
Chosen Roasters (NEW) – freshly roasted nuts
Dough Bakery - bread and other baked goods
Dukes Bakery – bread
Fish On – variety of fresh seafood – much from local waters
Greene’s Plants, Produce & Eggs – produce, plants and eggs
KW Collards (NEW) – slammin’ good greens
Nora B’s – salad dressing and cookie dough
Oma’s Gourmet Kettle Korn – variety of kettle korn and pork rinds
Queen of Oats – granola, protein bars, breakfast cookies
Rocking Bee Farms (NEW) – honey, bees and products of the hive
Windy Hill Farm – chicken, beef, pork, eggs and occasionally lamb
back in the Fall:
Rio Bertolini Pasta – variety of pasta, sauce and pizza dough
Beverly’s Gourmet Foods – prepared gourmet foods
AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 006b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 007b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 008b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 009b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 010b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 011b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 013b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 015b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 017b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 018b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 020b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 022b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 023b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 025b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 027b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 028b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 030b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 032b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 033b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 036b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 037b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 039b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 043b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 053b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 058b AV Farmers Market_5-24-13 062b
For these and other downloadable photographs from the Afton Village Farmers Market  CLICK  HERE

The first Afton Village Farmers Market of the season will open on Thursday April 10, 2014 and will continue weekly during the growing season.   The Market is located on The Plaza, directly in front of the The Wine Room at Afton Village.  The address is 5401 Village Dr. Concord, NC 28027.

The Village Center Farmers Market Committee, Afton Village Management Company and Mayfield Development have added diversity to the 2014 market with the addition of fresh milk, cheese, pasta, granola, sauces and spices to the 2013 offerings of fresh produce, seafood, meat and bread.

Located in the midst of Afton Village, a mixed-use community on George Liles Parkway in Concord (I-85 Exit 54), the Afton Village Farmers Market was established in 2013 to support local food and agricultural products and to educate customers on the benefits of healthy, seasonal eating.  The Afton Village Farmers Market is intended to create an opportunity for people to meet and purchase fresh products in a vibrant market setting.

Please contact Kelli Stevens at  for more information.

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208th Army Band to Perform July 3rd

On Friday June 27, the 208th Army Band performed for the Primrose kids on the Afton Village Green.  Back by popular demand, the full 208th Army Band will perform on July 3rd from 4-6 during the Afton Village Farmers Market.  Come join the fun.

Primrose Performance 6-27-14 014bPrimrose Performance 6-27-14 034b Primrose Performance 6-27-14 030b

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Live Music at Afton Village

Afton Village has several ongoing Live-Music venues.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Alex Roberts, Chad Floyd & Cameron White at Afton Tavern

For more photos of the band CLICK HERE

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