Cabarrus County Schools

Cabarrus County Schools Quietly Excel

When looking for a new home, one of the biggest questions is: “How are the schools?” Parents are looking for a safe, positive environment for their child to be educated … a place where their child can learn and develop the strengths needed to face the adult world. At Afton Village we appreciate these concerns. When choosing our development site… area schools, parks, churches and shopping were all factors which our research took into account. We wanted to build a family-friendly environment, where parents could feel at peace when they watched their child walk to the bus stop each morning.

Located in the heart of Cabarrus County, Afton Village is in a prime area of school development and growth. Our public schools are among the most desirable schools in the area and located nearby, offering children the tools needed to succeed in college and eventually in the competitive job market.

Cabarrus County still believes in a hands-on approach to education. Your child is not treated like a number in Cabarrus County, but a unique individual full of potential. Teachers, coaches, administrators and staff take a personal interest in every child and understand their specific needs and interest.

Whether your child is a quiet introvert or the outgoing, talkative one in the group, the Cabarrus County Schools will offer something to challenge his mind and expand his character. There are academic clubs, athletics, drama and music … a little something for every child to experience.

As the Charlotte area grows, creating population growth along the I-85 corridor, there will inevitably be issues to address with public schools, regardless of which county you live. The Cabarrus County School System is a more manageable size than our urban neighbor and therefore can respond to the needs more quickly. Our school system has already begun preparing for these long range growth issues. As part of its philosophy of maintaining a close-knit, family-oriented community, Cabarrus County is constructing two new schools in our area and plans are in the development stages for several more.

The objective in Cabarrus County is to prepared for growth and not be overwhelmed by it. For you the new resident, this means that your child will receive the quality of education they deserve from the first day to graduation day and this gives Cabarrus County and Afton Village something of which to be proud.

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