Meet the Approved Builders

Custom Building the Traditional Way

In the age-old tradition of the Master Carpenter, the Afton Village Approved Builders have a passion for building quality handcrafted homes. As with the Masters, the Village Builders base their construction methods on time-honored techniques. Using historic architectural references, each of the Village Builders design and build their homes with the skill, care and personal commitment that only comes from being an experienced custom builder.

Almost a century of building experience is going into building the homes in Afton Village. We’ve assembled four of the best custom home builders, each having a reputation for building at the highest level of quality.

With more than 30 years of experience as a general contractor, Mitchell Hartsell believes customer satisfaction is the foundation of his success. He works closely with the customer to ensure that he builds a home to their satisfaction. Mitchell was attracted to Afton Village because of its unique style for our area.

A past Cabarrus County Homebuilder of the Year, Mitchell specializes in custom-built homes in a variety of price ranges and various architectural styles. He has built homes in many neighborhoods throughout the county.

Creativity and vision describe John Swinson, who has built more than 250 homes in his 25 year career. Draw a picture of your dream house on a napkin, and he will build it. An engineer by training, John is firmly committed to quality and takes a hands-on approach. He is in every house each day and has used many of the same contractors for years. He is a true team player.

He was initially attracted to the Village by David Mayfield’s vision for the community and by the opportunity it presents for custom builders.

Trained as an architect, David has an in-depth understanding of what makes a home both livable and architecturally interesting. As the developer of Afton Village, he has realized a dream by bringing the spirit of his childhood neighborhood, Charlotte’s traditional Myers Park and Dilworth, to Concord. David has called upon his forty years of design and construction experience to create many unique architectural elements within Afton Village. A residential contractor since 1984, David plans to focus his sense of craftsmanship on unique custom-built townhomes and carriage houses.